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This beautiful castle is a great building of cubic structure and roof in four slopes.


The house originally built on three bodies became a palace.

It has the facade perpendicular to the road and park before him to French taste and baroque touches opens.

The garden space a balanced structure that balances tradition and modernity.

The building was rebuilt in the s. XVII to become a fortified manor, with watchtowers and loopholes and the s. XIX defense towers were altered.

Are remarkable household and the interior rooms beautifully decorated with paintings, many mythological and graffiti. The coats of arms dominate the facades and figure recorded one year 1,593.

In the last 200 years the house has been restored and embellished and has become a comfortable space without losing its identity. The building has gone through history without many complications, even during the Civil War lost a part of the family archive.

To the left of the main entrance there is an attached chapel (dedicated to Saint Judes) of late Gothic style. The baroque choir is of great beauty.

In the house file documents containing the history of the family and the Empordà they are preserved. The Biure, the Galceran, the Chamber, Armengol or Margarit: the family tree of Caramany, where unions with the noble families of Catalonia described is conserved.

From here they went prominent personalities: knights, captains, monks, abbots and even cardinals. In the old library are from census to hire a private memories, they left for posterity a part of the history of the Empordà, from 1630-1660.

The main house has an area of ​​2,500 m2 and 200 m2 more between pavilions and 


Type of property: 
Property classification: 
2 700 m2
30 000 m2
Additional characteristics: 
Swimming pool
Energy rating of the property

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