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Farmhouse for sale documented since the seventeenth century in the Alt Empordà. Gerona Spain.

  • View of the vineyards and the farmhouse in the background
  • Main facade of the property where its construction volume and style can be appreciated
  • Aerial view of the farmhouse and the fields of the property that surround it
  • Pool of the walled house
  • Aerial view of the farmhouse and annexes to this and part of the vineyards
  • Some of the room of the house
  • Exteriores de la masía desde su entrada
  • Sala distribuidora de la masía
  • Sala distribuidora de la masía
  • Bóveda de la sala distribuidora
  • Detalle de la bóveda distribuidora


Masia with a great historical value, of the greatest and remarkable of Roses, documented from the s. XVII, although some of its elements are from centuries before. It is, next to the Torre del Sastre, one of the most emblematic buildings of Roses.

The property is entirely in the village of Roses, near the road that goes to Cadaqués, in the most eastern part of the Rhodes mountains, in the Cap de Creus.

Mas's history goes back to the s. XVII, specifically in 1679, year of the first written reference that is made of the house, although it already existed previously with another name (Roig month). For thirteen generations the same family devoted themselves to the cultivation of the Mediterranean trilogy: olive, vine and wheat. Over time, the cultivation of cereal was abandoned, although wine and oil have always been part of the reality of this farm, which corroborates the olive oil mill. XIX still in the house and 43 hectares of vineyards and olive trees that surround the house.

It is a fortified farmhouse consisting of three floors. The ground floor, which currently houses the Coll de Roses - Wine Family Museum, was the area reserved for the cellar, oil mill and stables. On the two upper floors were the family rooms articulated around a large room and adjacent to these, the house guard stays. To the right there is a polygonal tower that was used as a deposit. In 1773, near the farmhouse, a chapel dedicated to San Sebastián was built, of which there is currently no rest. In the Trencada stream there was also a water mill.
The strategic situation of the Masia has marked its history. It is probable that, due to its plant and the Roman ruins found on the site of Las Arenas, it was an ancient Roman villa of the s. II a.C., although it could not be confirmed.

It has always been an important reference for the population of Roses, either because it is the first estate of the population, either because it was an important protection element. To the. XV, for example, the circular tower of the house was used as a watchman to warn of the arrival of pirates and, a few centuries later, during the Civil War (1936-1939), many people took refuge in ownership of air and naval attacks.

The peak of this farm was at the end of the s. XIX, which was when it became one of the largest agricultural properties of the Empordà.
This growth was produced thanks to the good management of the owner, a person involved in municipal politics and a great connoisseur of the cultivation of the vine that he fought to eradicate phylloxera (1879). When the plague sent, he launched an ambitious replanting policy with American vines.


Living room: 
with chimney
Dining room: 
with chimney
Swimming pool : 
Garage : 
for more than three vehicles
Residential area: 
Tiling in bathrooms of : 
rustic tiles
Chimney : 
Accommodation for the service: 
Independent study for guests: 
Water deposit: 


4.800.000 €
Property classification: 
2 800 m2
430 000 m2
Additional characteristics: 
Views to the sea
Swimming pool
Energy rating of the property

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