Arquitecture and construction management

Arquitecture and construction management.


We offer turn the possibility of making and running projects as construction and rehabilitation.

We have an experienced and large multidisciplinary team of professionals, engineers, architects, lawyers, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, gardeners, etc.

They allow us to confront with total guarantee of success any type of turnkey project, making the management of all the processes that are mandatory in a building such as planning, design, permits, logistics, construction, etc.

We take care of everything.

Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction through personalized service. The ability to know in depth the existing supply at all times in the market and thus locate the property they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Permitting and licensing in various government and other official bodies.

Varieties of NIE, formalization of deeds of sale, powers of attorney, registration in the records, changes domiciliary services and banking arrangements.

Presentation to the appropriate management of construction projects, plans, official bulletins, certificates, etc.

General maintenance of properties.


Project design and exterior architecture.

Consolidation of structures, facades, roofs, Catalan vaults, recovered ancient tile roofs. Materials recovery.

Walls of natural and artificial stone, entrance gates, etc.

Livestock buildings, stables, barns, barns, garages, sheds and swimming pools.

Stone lintels, windows of Gothic and Romanesque stone, balustrades, etc.

Wooden porches with tile roof, etc.

Thermal and photovoltaic solar energy for consumption, geothermal energy, telephone, etc.


Projects, interior design and architecture.

Interior restoration and recovery, stones, wood, beams, doors, etc.

Electricity, water, gas.