We have a broad spectrum of experienced multidisciplinary team of professionals:

engineers, architects, lawyers, business, masons, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, gardeners, etc.

A professional team fluent in different community languages ​​allow clear their doubts and a prospective buyer about: tax, legal and legal counseling, rehabilitation, alterations, repairs, etc., thereby facilitating the sale. In addition, we can offer solutions for the optimization of your property, so that it is possible to increase the value or to facilitate their sale.

They allow us to confront with total guarantee of success any type of turnkey project, making the management of all the processes that are mandatory in a building such as planning, design, permits, logistics, construction, etc.

We offer turn the possibility of making and running projects as construction and rehabilitation.

We take care of everything.

Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction through personalized service, offering both owners and buyers, national and international, the opportunity to learn in depth the existing supply at all times in the market and thus locate the property they are looking for quickly and efficiently.


  1. Purchase, sale, rent
  2. Fiscal and Financial Advice
  3. Legal advice
  4. Obtaining residence permit in Spain
  5. Management of mortgages
  6. Rehabilitations and constructions
  7. Delivery and transfer to your new home
  8. Management maintenance of your property
  9. Custody of keys