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Are there any restrictions for foreigners to buy property in Spain?

No, there are no restrictions for foreigners to buy property in Spain. Purchasers must obtain a foreigner's identity number (NIE) and fill out forms showing that the funds used to acquire the property comply with regulations to prevent money laundering.

How long does the buying process in Spain?

The purchase process, from supply to end, lasts about 2 to 4 months depending on the speed in providing the necessary documentation for different paperwork. Unlike other countries, the initial legal review can be carried out quickly in Spain, making it possible to complete purchases over a period of time very cut if both the buyer and seller are in favor of it.

Buy a property in Spain can help me get Spanish residency?

Currently owning a property in Spain is one of the factors the department of Spanish immigration into account when considering applications for residency. There is a proposal to change the law so that Spanish residence EU citizens who purchase a property in Spain can get a permanent residence permit.

Is the property in Spain is sold as freehold or leasehold?

In Spain there is no leasing of residential properties. Most properties are sold as freehold. The apartments are often sold with the equivalent of a shared freehold: you have an apartment and a part of the communal areas of the building.

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