Real estate services


Purchase, Sale and Rent

Masies Empordà can help you through the process of buying or selling your home or business in the Costa Brava. Baix Empordà, Alt Empordà, Girones, La Selva, Garrotxa, Pla de Estany, Osona, Ripolles, Barcelones Eastern Valleys among others.

Whether you are a homeowner who wants to sell your property in Girona (Costa Brava) as if you are looking for a property in the province of Girona.

We offer our experience of over 25 years in real estate and our technical team to achieve success in their decision to buy or sell.

Acquire real property, is one of the biggest investments are often made and the fact acquire a property in a country other than their own can generate doubts, uncertainty and seem like a complicated task. Buy property as a residence, second home or investment for rental or business, should not be of concern to you if you receive the support and advice of specialists with experience in real estate. Quite the contrary should be an enjoyable, exciting and satisfying experience.

Our professional and expert in property management, equipment allow us to offer our real estate services tailored to their needs and desires, offering customized and adjusted to suit solutions.

Our experience in real estate on the Costa Brava, Baix Empordà and Alt Empordà, Girones, La Selva, Garrotxa, Pla de Estany, Osona, Ripolles, etc. together with the services we provide, it allows us to have a comprehensive, current and complete perspective on the purchase, sale, maintenance, construction, reform and investment that you want to perform.

Obtaining residence permits in Spain

Masies Empordà offers our advice in obtaining residence permits in Spain through investments in real estate on the Costa Brava. Catalonia (Spain). Our legal and tax advice is at your service for obtaining residence and advise on legal and tax issues affecting them.

The new law on entrepreneurs approved by the government of Spain allows non-EU investors, who invest a minimum of € 500,000, to obtain Spanish residency permit, with the advantages that entails: renewable residence permit while the minimum investment is maintained € 500,000 required, extended to the spouse and children under 18, visa free travel between the countries of the Schengen residence. Created in 1995 by the Schengen Agreement to abolish the common borders between member countries of the agreement pertaining to the Schengen area, and therefore it can move freely without controls, residents in 22 countries of the Twenty, are outside UK Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania and three non Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, which later this year will add Liechtenstein. And establish common controls at the external borders of those countries. In practice, the Schengen works in immigration terms as one country.

Mortgage Management

If your desire is to obtain financing for the purchase of your home or business, we help you negotiate with banks to obtain your loan or mortgage in the best conditions for you.

We can advise you and study with you the different options and inform mortgage expenses entail their purchase and mortgage, such as: notary, registration, taxes, script management, appraisal, home insurance, etc.

Delivery and transfer to your new home

Masies Empordà if desired have the possibility of organizing and planning his move to the Costa Brava. Girona (Spain). We will help you arrange the equipment of your new home: furniture, appliances and furnishing, etc ... Manage with you moving services, storage and storage through trust companies, observing aspects as important as the choice of specialist firms national and international transport, with appropriate licenses and certificates of quality or performance Shuttle insurance, theft and accidents.

Property tax and economic advice

We will inform affecting taxation and economic issues will follow from buying, selling or renting your home or investment you want to do. For this we have specialized consultants in income, property, taxation of natural persons, residents and non-residents as well as limited, corporations, sole proprietorships, etc.

In the event that your intention is to sell your home in the Costa Brava, and help you manage your sale, we can advise on important aspects such as taxes affect you in the sale, income tax, income tax, IRNR, goodwill, if they had a mortgage, expenses and steps to take for cancellation or subrogation of the same.

If you intend to buy a home on the Costa Brava, will advise on taxation, the taxes directly affect the present and future, such as:

  • VAT, AJD (stamp duty).
  • Income Tax (Income Tax for Individuals)
  • IRNR (Income Tax of non-residents without permanent establishment.
  • IBI (Property Tax)

Real estate legal advice

Legal advice: document retention of ownership, sales contract, notary, constitution, cancellation or subrogation mortgage, property registration, owners, etc.

Wealth management and municipal taxes (higher and name changes): goodwill, property tax, license first or second occupation, etc.

We will provide contact with lawyers: they speak their language to save the idiomatic stumbling block that represents the legal issues and so they can decide if they want to be advised by these lawyers.

Maintenance management of your property

We offer a professional service that covers all aspects.

  1. Costa Brava: preventive or corrective maintenance, construction work, renovation, decoration, interior.
  2. We all care and efforts that your home needs: garden, pool, heating, air conditioning, carpentry, etc .;
  3. Contract management (change, high and low) with companies supplying electricity, water, gas and telephone;
  4. Cleaning and home care;
  5. Management and capital taxes, etc.

Keeping the keys to your property

We hope that the fact of owning property in another country is not a concern for you. We offer our service key holding and supervision of their property in the periods when you are outside Spain. This service includes, among others, the following services:

  1. Being the contact person in Spain to manage its affairs.
  2. Regular visits to the property.
  3. Home Staging for your arrival (heating, cleaning, etc.)
  4. Supervision of work in his absence: garden, swimming pool, preventive and corrective maintenance, etc.