Management of your property

Do you want to sell a farmhouse, Villa, Cottage or village, villa, apartment in the province of Girona, Baix Empordà, Alt Empordà, La Selva, El Girones, El Pla de l'Estany Garrotxa, Osona?

If so, you should pay special attention to those important issues that will affect the sale of the same and must rely on a real estate expert to facilitate the entire sales process, which provides tax, financial and legal risks and that offers personalized assistance and advice throughout the process.

Masies Empordà wants to help. We are experts in real estate appraisers and management of farms on the Costa Brava, Baix Empordà, Alt Empordà, The jungle, Girones, El Pla de l'Estany Garrotxa, Osona etc. experience that allows us to have a wide portfolio of clients and partners.

We have a wide media coverage and specialty channels in the sale and rental of real estate, as well as an extensive network of national and international partners through which we will expand the scope and probability of selling or renting your property, in the better conditions offered by the property market at all times.

The integrated management and personalized advice on selling your home in the province of Girona. Costa Brava.

Trust the sale and / or rental of housing or business Masies Empordà has advantages to you, as we are a professional team with extensive experience in the whole process of buying, selling, leasing, maintenance, architecture, decoration, interior design, renovation, custom construction, etc.

We offer customized all the doubts that may pose potential customers about your property and we can manage, simultaneously, selling and renting your home or business, with all the advantages for you to have unified these efforts in one partner solutions, masies Empordà.

A professional team fluent in different community languages ​​allow clear their doubts and a prospective buyer about: tax, legal and legal counseling, rehabilitation, alterations, repairs, etc., thereby facilitating the sale. In addition, we can offer solutions for the optimization of your property, so that it is possible to increase the value or to facilitate their sale.

We want to make it easy. We think its tranquility.

We deal with all the sales process:

  1. Drafting and signing of documents: reservoir, private contract and deed, etc.
  2. Control of payments from the buyer.
  3. Hall and other efforts in administrations, companies supplying services, Banks, Mortgages, etc ...
  4. Review all relevant documents of the property: municipal licenses, registration and cadastral status of the property, plans, taxes, invoices supplies of water, electricity, gas, telephone and other etc.
  5. Sales efforts: renaming the IBI Property Tax, Community of Owners and contracts for supplies of housing, water, electricity, gas, telephone and others.
  6. Tax advice in the presentation of the Income Tax (PIT or IRNR).
  7. Determining the market value of your property on the Costa Brava. Baix Empordà, Alt Empordà, The jungle, Girones, El Pla de l'Estany Garrotxa, Osona, etc.

We value your home informing the market value thereof at the time, considering its characteristics: location, environment, equipment, services, construction characteristics, current market conditions, etc. In case you need an official valuation of the property is provided.

The sale price is established will be the determining factor that influences how quickly the sale of its ownership occurs. Establish a market price of your property that fit the times of the real estate market, avoiding long periods of sales as a result of an overvalued property.

Masies Empordà offers a range of free services if they offer estate exclusive property for sale or rent. Because they are customized advertising on national and international media owned, exclusive photo shoot, etc.

We want to help in the sale and / or rental of your property on the Costa Brava Baix Empordà, Alt Empordà, The jungle, Girones, El Pla de l'Estany Garrotxa, Osona, or any other region of the province of Girona. Costa Brava. Spain.

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