Customized construction

Construction and personalized rehabilitation.

New buildings in the province of Girona.

Masies Empordà is a construction company specializing in the rehabilitation and development of its draft Farmhouses, Cottages, villas, luxury villas in the province of Girona and its regions. Our multidisciplinary team will help them to enjoy the experience of building or renovating your home.

We will work for the entire construction process of reform or rehabilitation of your home or business, it very easy, simple and satisfying to you:

Search the land where to build housing Costa Brava. Baix Empordà, Alt Empordà, Girones, La Selva, Garrotxa, Pla de Estany, Osona, Ripolles, Barcelones Eastern Valleys among others.

Development of the construction project according to your specifications.

Proposals for interior design and exterior spaces, optimizing spaces, lighting and aesthetics.

Choice of materials and finishes, without unnecessary markups of construction costs.

Interior decoration: furniture, lighting and other equipment details and your custom home.

Making the whole process of construction, architecture, design and construction management, "turnkey".

Professional construction company with experience in the province of Girona.

In recent years, we have developed multiple projects and construction of luxury villas, houses, buildings, shops, swimming pools, gardens and exterior, renovation and rehabilitation of houses and cottages. We adapt to your budget and look for you the best value of construction possible in accordance with the requirements and specifications of your new home and investment.

We will inform you about the guarantees to which they are entitled by law. Do not give up the possibility of developing its draft custom building your dream home out of fear or lack of such guarantees. The Spanish legislation guarantees and protects you.

Buy a home of new construction or rehabilitate the current has many advantages for you and you can customize its design and finishes, choosing materials and care for every detail, adapting it to your needs with our help.

Modern techniques, new housing with modern designs, modern and avant-garde style, using the latest materials, with maximum energy efficiency and quality assurance, application of the latest standards in building seeking protection in every way and concluding with the presentation of a ten-year guarantee insurance on the building. A brand new home, ready for you to enjoy from the first moment.

Construction techniques, quality requirements, materials used and the qualifications of professionals has evolved and improved dramatically in recent years, so that new buildings are modern houses, which integrate new technologies and materials of last generation.

Spain has become in recent years one of the world's countries where the quality of construction is most advanced, increasing the requirements and guarantees of new buildings. Newly built homes are required to meet a series of standards of the building that give them advantages over already constructed housing senior. New construction techniques, the highest quality of materials used and the greater demands that force control laws in Spain, will offer tranquility and additional guarantees.

Trust Masies Empordà and your new home will be built to the highest standards of construction, using the best materials, by specialized professionals.