Torroella de Montgrí – Catalonia (Spain)


Surrounded by fields and watered by the river Ter, Torroella de Montgrí (in the region of the Baix Empordà), is situated at the foot of the Montgrí massif (at 302 m above sea level) and is accessible via local and national roads (1). Agriculture, commerce and industry are the principal economic activities of the locality (2), which despite not being a particularly touristic centre, offers an ample program of activities and cultural activities for visitors and locals alike (3).


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       WHAT TO DO

Perfect for a stroll either in winter or summer, the streets and landscapes of Torroella become the undeniable testimony of the passage of time, which the visitor is invited to penetrate.



The town square, the centre of the town which is reached through characteristic orthogonal streets has round arches and is irregular in shape giving the square its own unique personality. The walls, doorway of Santa Caterina (11th–13th centuries), Witches Tower (15th-16th centuries), and the colonial houses of the Spaniards who made good in the Americas, which are of great architectural interest, also stand out.



The Museum of the Mediterranean is an open window on to the aromas of the Mare Nostrum, and to its sounds, melodies and landscapes. On the other hand the Interpretation Centre of the Montgrí Natural Park, the Medas Islands and the Baix Ter invite one to discover the scenery, flora and fauna of the area.,-music-and-culture-html




Apart from the weekly markets (in Torroella and l’Estartit), which allow one to acquire top quality local produce, two gastronomic days which draw people in from all over the country are organised in this locality: the Tastets de Mar (Tastings of the Sea) and La Poma a la Cuina (The Apple in the Kitchen).




Emergencies: 112

Local Police: 088

Citizen’s Advice: 972 75 81 12

Torroella de Montgrí Town Hall