Figueres – Catalonia (Spain)


At an economic and commercial level Figueres is the most influential city of all the Empordà (1). Capital of the region of the Alt Empordà, Figueres is situated in the most north-eastern part of Catalonia (2). The fact that it is a transit point between Barcelona and the south of France has turned it into a strategic communications point, where tourism and the service sector stand out as the focal points of economic development (3).


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       WHAT TO DO

That Figueres has one of the most visited museums in Catalonia is no coincidence. Why? Because its most illustrious son is one of the most influential and transgressive artists in the history of world art.



The Dalí Theatre-Museum presents Dalí’s compositions, displaying the artist’s principal works, ranging from his early output through to that of his last years. A unique and captivating jewel… a must see!




A route round the historic centre of Figueres is synonymous with a trip through time: through its squares and streets it is possible to discover the origins of the city and delve into the modern city that it is now,




The identity of Figueres is more present than ever in its cuisine, particularly in the fairs and exhibitions that are celebrated each year: the Wine and Cuisine of the Empordà Exhibition, the Fair of the Fritter or the Feria Gust. But above all there is one product that is genuinely connected to the city: the Figueres onion, violet, sweet and crunchy, and the favourite for salads and sautés.




Emergencies: 112

Citizen’s Advice: 972 680 002

Figueres Town Hall