Banyoles – Catalonia (Spain)


Banyoles, the capital of the region of Pla d’Estany, is found 120 km from Barcelona and 49 from the French border (1). The municipality covers a small area which does not reach 11 km2, and has a population of nearly 20,000 inhabitants (2). It was a secondary seat of the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games, for the rowing and canoeing competitions which were held on its lake, symbol of the city (3).


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       WHAT TO DO

Doing various outdoor activities or just letting oneself go on the banks of the lake are just some of the attractions this charming city, which always surprises the first-time-visitor, has to offer.



The basin of the lake of Banyoles –one of the Iberian peninsula’s largest and most valuable, ecologically, geologically or in terms of scenery– invites one to stroll and observe how nature and urbanism go hand in hand in a natural and captivating manner.




The possibilities for enjoyment offered by the lake of Banyoles (and its urban centre) are nearly infinite: allowing one to go on walking routes, go cycling or use a segway, go canoeing or kayaking, to go for a boat trip or even fishing.





The cuisine of Banyoles is well known through various renowned restaurants, fairs and gastronomic days, celebrated throughout the region. It is well known for its traditional Catalan dishes such as duck with figs, mountain rice, snails with octopus, stuffed potatoes… and other genuine specialities such as the celebrated banyolins (typical beans from the area).





Emergencies: 112

Local Police: 972 18 16 50

Banyoles Town Hall