Santa Coloma de Farners – Catalonia (Spain)


The capital of the region of la Selva, Santa Coloma de Farners is situated between the plain and the mountains of Les Guilleries (1). 24 km from Girona and 90 from Barcelona, it is found 142 metres above sea level and 30 km from the Costa Brava (2). It includes several neighbourhoods and urbanisations, such as Sant Pere Cercada, Castanyet or Sant Miquel de Cladells (3).



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       WHAT TO DO

The historical centre and the area surrounding Santa Coloma de Farners offer an irresistible taste of the Empordà’s idiosyncrasy.



The town’s narrow streets lead onto Farners Square, with its modernist façades, a symbol of the town’s splendour at the beginning of the 20th century. One feels drawn to stroll round both its shops and to find hidden corners, far from the hustle and bustle, such as the Park of Sant Salvador, full of fountains and promenades or the thermal springs of Orion.



Discovering all the secrets of this locality is possible through various routes: the Romanesque Route (which includes the castle and monastery), The Route of the Ten Hermitages (which goes through various nearby municipalities), or the Route of Water and the Rocar (which shows leisure centres and thermal springs).



Santa Coloma de Farners has become the capital of ratafia –a typical Catalan alcoholic drink made with homemade liquor and herbs. This drink is also used in the production of some typical products such as coca (a type of pastry) or beer, and the yearly Ratafía Festival, one of the oldest in Catalonia, is dedicated to it. The Fira del Pa amb Tomàquet (Bread with Tomato Fair) has also gained in importance over recent years.




Emergencies: 112

Citizen’s Advice: 972 84 08 08

Santa Coloma de Farners Town Hall