Guarantees for which you qualify

What guarantees are newly built homes?

The law requires the manufacturer and / or the promoter of a new answer and give the owner, purchaser and / or third parties acquiring a series of guarantees for the purchased housing or construction work performed housing and, depending on the type of work deadlines should benefit from one, three or ten year warranty.

Warranties for defects or construction defects.

During the first year the builder is liable for the damage arising as a result of poor execution of the works, which affect completion and finishing defects, such as adjustments to doors and windows that do not close properly, flooring and defects tiles, re-painting, etc.

The builder must respond during the first three years of the material damage caused to housing due to faults or defects in construction elements and facilities, so that at all times the property can be used satisfactorily. Examples of responsibilities to be included in this group are: the failure of facilities (electricity, plumbing, heating, air conditioning) and problems of damp, leaks or condensation is not caused by poor ventilation of the home.

Finally, the law requires the manufacturer to respond within a period of ten years of damage that may occur in the home as a result of faults or defects affecting the structural safety of the same. These structural damage would be those that could jeopardize the stability of the building such as defects in foundations, floors, walls or other structural elements.

Decennial liability insurance of the building.

To cover structural damage referred to above, the law obliges the developer of a home to be a decennial Insurance damage to the building, which is mandatory in the case of development companies and a requirement to proceed with the registration of housing in the Land Registry.

For private developers, they can give it up, but must assess whether it suits them or not, and such waiver would be extensible to future buyers of your home in case of a possible transmission of the same previous ten years since its construction, in addition to being a guarantee and waiving additional protection for your new home. This insurance coverage must be 100% of the final cost of the material execution of the work, including professional fees.

The process for obtaining insurance decennial guarantee starts, by the developer or builder of the house, when the municipal building permit is obtained, prior to the start of construction. At this time the interim policy or the insurance policy covering pre- company subscribes.

To arrange insurance is essential that the developer or builder of housing hire the services of a body of technical control (OCT) to oversee the design and proper execution of works, issuing the reports in the course of work construction, during its different phases.

Once construction is completed, attested by the certificates and records, provided that the reports of the OCT are satisfactory, the insurance company will issue a final policy, which contribute to the Declaration of New Building notary.

Start date for the calculation of the guarantees.

The deadlines for counting the guarantees start counting from the time of receipt of the work to be held within thirty days following the date of termination, accredited by the Final Certificate of Work issued by the project management ( architect and surveyor) thereof.