Tips for selling your home

Selling your property will depend on many factors, but, in our view, the most important are:

  1. A good price, adequate to the value of their property and the current market conditions.
  2. Let your home like and fall in love, which, to some extent, can depend on you and not have to mean an excessive expenditure of money.
  3. Helping in the sale of a real estate professional.

How do I know what is the most appropriate sale value for my property?

That the sale price is adjusted to the reality of the current real estate market is undoubtedly the most decisive factor in selling their property and that more time will affect it later to sell. The main variables that will intervene when determining the value of your property are:

  1. The size of the property: Land and Property built meters.
  2. The location of the property and the level of services available and urbanization.
  3. Age and condition.
  4. Construction and equipment both at home and outdoors (garden, swimming pool, fences, entrances, doors, walls, etc.) Qualities.
  5. Market situation and analysis of the supply of similar properties for sale.

It is critical to establish a sale price of property that is suitable for both you and the buyer, based on the current conditions of the local property market and trying to get the fixed price is not the cause of a possible delay in selling the property. You should consider your personal circumstances and decide freely the minimum sale price it is willing to accept.

"The first impression is what counts"

You must be able to get in the situation of a prospective buyer for the property and see the eyes of it. Fix those things that are damaged or defective and have the house clean and tidy, they are minimal things to consider if you decide to sell your property.

Make a deep cleaning, complete and comprehensive, so you have to perform maintenance only after the same, and assess the desirability of maintenance painting and, if appropriate, of the garden, so they are in conditions and do not cause a bad image to the property.

"Less is more"

Order and save all those unnecessary items of property, dispose of old or broken furniture, think it's important that seems a spacious housing, which helps the fact that everything is not saturated and that these are well placed and in harmony with space. Clearance and eliminate everything that does not need, when you make it seem wider home.

If you are moving try to packing boxes do not disturb or cause poor image cluttering the visit. A lighted house, ventilated, for example, flowers or small decorative details, it is always more welcoming, gives a sense of clarity and vitality.

Try to get the image that conveys the home is as neutral as possible, without elements that can lead to controversy, displease or disturb potential buyers. Do everything in their power so that visitors can take a pleasant impression on the visit of your property, consider that the first impression is decisive caused the buyer.

Try those necessary repairs that are not too expensive as windows, locks, electrical equipment. The bathrooms and kitchen are key agencies that should cause a good impression and are clean.

Choosing a real estate agent to sell your property.

Help of a professional real estate agency, capable of getting your property to the largest possible number of potential buyers, facilitate the sale of the same. The real estate options allows you to multiply sales by more widespread and advertise your property.

Most sales of properties in the Costa Brava being made, pass into foreign hands. For a potential buyer of foreign origin, complete the purchase of your property, it needs to trust the seller and be confident that the acquisition that seeks to make, is carried out safely. A real estate professional agency will know advise and provide assurance and confidence to customers.

To succeed in choosing the realtor who entrust the sale of your property, it is important that this is a professional with proven experience and knowledgeable about the local market area where you want to sell the property is located.

The ability of the agent to get your property to potential buyers, both national and international markets, and their ability to convey trust, communicate, inform and resolve all doubts and questions that might pose a potential buyer from all matters affecting their property (services, urban planning, maintenance, renovation, construction, rental, etc.), will be helpful for the sale of their property.