Required Documents and permissions

General and mandatory arrangements for all types of businesses.

The first difficulty comes from the coexistence of numerous "windows" to which we must go, as applicable to the various state agencies, state or local government. Added to this it is that there is no model procedures for each activity, and that each region and each municipality can set the requirements and the fees to be paid, so these conditions can vary greatly from one location to another. Although it seems a maze of paperwork, actually, "these steps are not complex, and any person can manage." The problem is that "they are cumbersome and can take some time." Information can be obtained from business associations, municipalities, autonomous regions and chambers of commerce. In addition, many governments have joined the Business Desk (, which centralizes all procedures regardless of the organism to which they relate.

Despite the initial difficulties, never be tempted to skip the paperwork. Specifically, "operate without licenses, authorizations and registrations required is not advisable." "If the authorities detected, the offender will undergo two consequences: firstly, the precautionary closure until efforts are made to get the license." In addition, you will incur a fine. "The amount is set by each autonomous community, but is quite high: so much that has not paid off."


Are those that every business, whatever its nature, must be met before starting their activity.

Finance Administration: Prior to the start of operations, high return on Business Tax (IAE) and VAT, census declaration of commencement of operations and obtaining VAT.

Commercial Register: registration of the company (if not self).

Treasury General Social Security (SS): registration of entrepreneurs in the Autonomous Workers Regime (only if you are performing the activity as such), registration of the company in the SS and high employee.


Initiates procedures in advance, as they may delay the opening of the business.

The requirements vary from one autonomous region to another and according to the municipality.

The rules are changing rapidly. It is always advisable to request updated information on the relevant administration.

Make copies of the documents you must submit. The most common are: Identification of the company and its owner: DNI, NIF, act of incorporation and power of attorney partner, IAE registration and Social Security.

Business data and the headline of the explanatory report, academic qualifications of the head and receipt of payment of the fee of the professional association.

Data location: deed or lease, plans local indicating the destination of each stay and other information of interest, depending on the activity.


The license for activity or opening is the document certifying that the premises have living conditions and appropriate use to accommodate economic activity to which he goes, without disturbing others.


All premises must have this license. Only exempt professional, craft or artistic activities within the home itself, provided that there is no direct retail sales or nuisance to neighbors caused.

The license for activity or opening business is transferable and belongs to the business owner, so you have to ask for a new one each time there are changes in the local, the activity or the owners of the business.


The license is issued by the council.

For innocuous activities, which in principle should not cause any discomfort, the requirements are simpler.

Classified activities. Increase licensing requirements classified as nuisance activities (which may emit noise, vibration, gases, dust, etc.), unhealthy (that may cause detachment or disposal of products or substances harmful to health), harmful (those which damage to the environment) or hazardous (related to explosives, fuels, radioactive ...). To exercise annoying, the express permission of the community of property owners is necessary. The remaining classified activities are performed, usually in industrial land.

Deadlines. "The deadline for the procedure is resolved depends on the workload that has the council at the time of the request," As you can take several months for these procedures does the "negative silence" of the administration: that is, if Silence means consent.

According to this principle, if the home qualifies, you can open the business of provisional basis pending the final license, although Carmen Sunday warned that this option is only recommended if the entrepreneur is fully sure it meets the legal requirements.


1. Building permit.

Mandatory for: all premises must be conditioned to obtain a license to open, and whenever there is work to do. Procedure: a municipal local technical review and issue the building permit indicating the necessary renovations. If they are minor works, the technician can license the provisional opening, conditional on improvements are made. If major works are required, there will be a new inspection after the remodeling.

2. Measures soundproofing

Mandatory for: premises where potentially polluting activities are carried out by noise and vibrations, such as bars, shops, theaters, schools, etcetera.

Procedure: The owners of the premises must submit a noise impact study signed by a technician include an explanatory report and plans, where the characteristics of the source of contamination and prevention and control measures adopted detailing: sound level meters, noise limiters, double door, special insulation, etc.

3. Hygiene measures

Mandatory for: premises where food and / or drink is served, such as bars, cafes, restaurants, ice cream ...

Procedure: municipal regulations detailing the characteristics of each room (kitchen, storage, bar area, public area, toilets and changing rooms), indicating its minimum area, building materials, ventilation and type of furniture. For example, require a vent and treat separate food and waste areas and appliances, cleaning materials and specific waste containers.

4. Fire Plan

Mandatory for: all buildings must have evacuation signs, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers. Fire plans are mandatory for health centers, public entertainment, holidays and industrial activities.

Procedure: they must have emergency plans that include evacuation protocols and self-protection. Furthermore, it should exhibit in a visible place loa local levels with exit routes, have audible alarms and extinguishers have appropriate for the kinds of fires that may occur.


"Before you buy or rent a place, you must go to the City Planning area to see if you have the license". "Do not just look in the local is already doing the activity that we perform. The bylaws are changed frequently, and it is possible that once obtained the license, but no longer meets the requirements ".

By the time the entrepreneur requesting deliver the printed license will have to pay the fees, regardless of whether the grant.

Studies of architecture or engineering and construction companies specialized in adapting local to the obligations imposed by the appropriate operating license.