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The floor clauses.

The floor clauses. information.
The floor clauses. It is estimated that 1.5 million mortgages are affected by these contractual provisions. How do I know if my mortgage has a floor clause? Just look at the mortgage loan deed. It may not appear highlighted in the contract, but in the fine print. Who has the right to be compensated economically? All mortgages that contain an interest rate limitation are in force or have been amortized. In this second case, the general limitation period is fifteen years, according to the Civil Code. When does the claim period begin and where should I go?

Certificate of Energy Efficiency for the building.

Certificado de Eficiencia Energética para la edificación.

 The Certificate of Energy Efficiency is a proof required by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism for all homes that are to be rented or purchased by another person. This measure wants to achieve an improvement of energy in all the countries of the European Union.

This document must incorporate all the energy aspects of the domicile, mainly to allow a better evaluation and qualification of all the elements that make up the property. From it derives an aspect that is known as "energy label".

What is energetic label?


Masies Empordà. Real Estate. Real Estate. Girona. Costa Brava. España.

MASIES EMPORDA Inmobiliaria. Real Estate.

Masies Empordà in a real estate company specializing in the management and marketing of recreational farms and rural properties in the province of Girona. Costa Brava. Spain.

More than twenty-five years of industry experience and a deep knowledge and the Baix Empordà and Alt Empordà, Gironès, La Selva, Garrotxa, Pla de L'Estany, El Ripollès and Osona, which manage properties guarantee.



Flag of the United Kingdom


Do you plan to buy a property in Girona this year? If so, you may already know how beneficial a strong exchange rate is for your property purchase. After all, if the pound is flying high versus the euro, this gets you a much higher euro total, when you transfer money to buy Girona property! With this in mind, let’s see if the exchange rate could climb this year.

1. Sterling could jump versus the euro, if the UK votes to Remain in the European Union, on the referendum on June 23rd.


What is a Masía

Catalan typical stone house

Masía is the name designating the secluded cottage, assigned to a country estate from a holding livestock agricultural character or familial. Mas word is derived from the Catalan word "More", and this, in turn from the Latin word Mansum. Encompasses all traditional farm self-sufficient type and character, it is originally from some areas of eastern Catalonia. As a rule, the peasant family that owns a farmhouse dwells permanently in the house, living solely on what they produce.